My Review of Nancy J. Cohen’s “Writing the Cozy Mystery”

Writing the Cozy Mystery
Writing the Cozy Mystery by Nancy J Cohen

In the market for a new, great How-To book on writing? Well, look no further. I keep my eye out for these because they tend to be a wealth of knowledge and experience, packed with interesting ideas and exercises. And I’ve found one that I recommend highly. It’s a quick, efficient read that’ll definitely get your story-brain working.

I’ve been a fan of mysteries for a very long time, from the classics concocted by Conan Doyle, Chandler, and Christie, to modern doozies from the likes of Lehane. Well into my thirties at this point, one of my favorite novels is still a middle-grade cozy puzzle mystery I read in elementary school, The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Even as a middle school literature teacher these days, I read that novel with my 6th graders as part of a larger unit on the mystery genre. And as someone who fancies himself a writer, I’m always on the look out for useful insights from published authors to help guide the way.

So when Nancy J. Cohen published her latest book, Writing the Cozy Mystery, I was all over it. Here’s a little about Nancy from her website,

Nancy J. Cohen is an award-winning author who writes romance and mysteries. Her humorous Bad Hair Day mystery series features hairdresser Marla Shore, who solves crimes with wit and style under the sultry Florida sun. Several of these titles have made the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association bestseller list. Coming in April 2014 is Hanging By A Hair, #11 in the series. Nancy is also the author of Writing the Cozy Mystery, a  valuable instructional guide for mystery writers.

With Writing the Cozy Mystery, Nancy presents an easy-to-follow and engaging framework to developing your own Cozy mystery, stand-alone or series. Her expertise in the area lends credence to the useful tips throughout the book, and she provides thought-provoking writing exercises to try. Also, her collection of active Writer’s Resources supplies an additional wealth of knowledge beyond just her own well-informed and experienced take.

Nancy defines a Cozy Mystery as “a whodunit featuring an amateur sleuth, a distinctive setting, and a limited number of suspects, most of whom may know each other.” What makes these types of mysteries fun is:

The story presents a puzzle that challenges readers to solve the mystery.

Chapter by chapter, Nancy leads you through the entire process of writing a cozy mystery, providing a useful framework for this specific style of storytelling. Among her chapters, Nancy details an approach to the ever-important world building, including how to establish setting and how to narrow the details using sensory language. I found the Creating the Sleuth chapter and A Web of Suspects to be particularly insightful regarding character development.

Her savvy sections on story structure and suspense truly provide a peek at what it takes to create a successful and sellable mystery. She suggests a three-act approach and preaches patience when crafting The Grand Finale. Throughout, she drops useful tips to help the writing process.

Remember to follow action sequences with reaction and reflection.

Nancy wraps her discussion by offering valuable guidelines on developing Series Continuity and creating Organizational Tools. She acknowledges writing a cozy is a complex task, and one that will take attention to detail and patience. However, now that I’ve read her book, I feel like I have a better grasp on the approach and will try my hand at making one of these wonderful puzzles. Don’t miss Nancy’s blog, either!


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