Scatology 101 – An abridged version of 2013

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I have yet to read Dave Barry’s Year in Review. It’s hard to compete with the masters so If I do, I won’t write this column.


dave barry

Now that 2013 has come to a close, it’s healthy to look back and see how much the world, or at least the world I see has changed. I think it was a pretty good year. Again the world didn’t end. The stock market made already filthy rich people even richer. The first South American pope was elected in time to bless Argentina’s chances before the World Cup and to increase the sales of communion wine. And people with beards were very successful (more on this later) But there were several not so pleasant developments during this time which are worth noting. The first is that Health Care seems to be both the problem and the answer to all of our nation’s most…

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