Book Review: Thieftaker, by D.B. Jackson


Thieftaker, by D.B Jackson (published by Tor Books on July 3rd, 2012), is a thoroughly entertaining, genre-blending story that I could barely put down. Mixing elements of urban fantasymystery, and historical fiction, Jackson crafted a wonderful novel that would satisfy fans of any or all of those genres.

Set in 1765 Boston, Jackson used his historical knowledge to masterfully craft a vivid world for his characters to roam. Historical events, like the Stamp Act riots, and historical figures, like Samuel Adams, helped believably develop the turmoil of life in Boston just before the American Revolution.

Ethan Kaille, a thieftaker and conjurer, is the protagonist of this story. Kaille is hired by a wealthy merchant to recover a brooch stolen from the man’s murdered daughter. Throughout his tense inquiry, Kaille is faced with myriad obstacles and well-drawn characters that impede his progress. Jackson’s development of those secondary characters bolsters the story and provides the protagonist with the necessary foils and support along his journey. He peppered the novel with just the right amount of backstory to round out the characters while not losing any of the narrative’s momentum.

The development of the Magic System within the world was perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the story. Jackson clearly presented the reason, limitations, balance, and cost of magic throughout the novel, which blended seamlessly into the historical tapestry of the story and the requisite mystery elements that had to be in play.

Jackson channels his inner-Raymond Chandler in this one. The story kept me guessing throughout, with the specter of the antagonist looming just out of sight for so much of the narrative.

My rating for Thieftaker is 5 out of 5! I highly recommend this novel to fans of urban fantasy, mystery and, perhaps most of all, historical fiction. I know I’ll pick up the second novel of the Thieftaker Chronicles, Thieves’ Quarry, as soon as possible.

Don’t miss the link below to Lucienne Diver’s blog. Diver is D.B. Jackson’s agent, and he wrote a guest post on her site about writing historical fiction and point of view.

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