Miami Marlins Monday Week 14: Warm Bodies


Beware of the Pitcher

Zombies might have been better. It wasn’t unexpected, but the reality of the Ricky Nolasco trade is still surprisingly galling. The Marlins traded the franchise leader in Wins, Strikeouts, and Innings Pitched last Saturday for what one writer is calling a collection of “warm bodies”. The prospects received in return are not highly regarded. All are minor league right-handed pitchers. Steve Ames and Josh Wall have been assigned to the bullpen for the team’s Triple-A affiliate, while Angel Sanchez (23), will start for the Single-A affiliate. Writers covering the Dodgers are saying:

“Thankfully, the Dodgers willingness and ability to take on the remaining $5.7 million of Nolasco’s contract allowed for very little, in terms of talent, to head to the Marlins in return.”

ESPN’s Keith Law wrote that the move amounted to a salary dump for the cheap fiscally conservative Fish. Here’s his spectacular Tweet on the trade:

Read the rest of the article right here. CLICK ME!

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