Heat vs Pacers: What to Watch For in Game 3

heat vs pacers

The narratives have diverged quite a bit after Game 2. While much of the talk coming from both clubs seemed eerily similar after Miami’s

“We can’t get too high after this. We have to keep our composure. We still made some mistakes defensively, but we just have to continue to focus, and be prepared for Game 3,” said Pacer power forward David Westbuzzer-beating win in Game 1, what’s being said after Game 2 couldn’t be any more different.


“It’s a nice win. It’s good to split but we haven’t done anything yet. We haven’t closed the series out. We won one game. A lot of us feel we should be up 2-0,” said Indiana center Roy Hibbert.

“We need to raise our games,” Heat forward Shane Battier said. “We’ll see what we’re made of.”

“Our backs are against the wall. I think that’s what we need,” said Miami’s Chris Bosh.

All that said, the two teams enter their Game 3 match-up in this best-of-seven Eastern Conference Finals with different scripts for their play. The Indiana Pacers have forced the Miami Heat to read from their script so far this series, and it has allowed them to take the home-court advantage away from the #1 seed. Here are three things to watch for from Miami’s perspective, that might very well allow them to flip the script on Indiana.

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