Welcome to a new friend: David Fernandez– DLFwriting

Much thanks goes out to Terry Irving for the blog-love! Don’t miss his site. You won’t be disappointed.

Terry Irving-An Old-Fashioned View


Writing, Sports, Movies, and a smidge of Everything Else.

Writing stories is among my earliest memories in school. I spent so much time as a child writing, that the school’s secretary, Mrs. Perez, even bought me a little journal. I’m still writing stories, and while I still use a bound journal from time to time, WordPress is the home of my latest work. But it’s not the only place. I’m also a staff writer for a sports website, outsidetheredzone.com, where I cover the Miami Heat and the University of Miami basketball and football teams.

While I’ll announce myself a writer to anyone who asks (anyone in earshot, really), my identity starts and ends as a family man– a husband, father, son, brother, and friend. Writing doesn’t pay the bills yet (donations and/or book deals are accepted), but teaching does. I’ve been a Language Arts teacher and basketball coach for…

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