Heat Survive Game 5, Advance to Conference Finals

English: Wizards v/s Heat 03/30/11

The Miami Heat opened Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal with the Chicago Bulls with such precision that is was hard to imagine an outcome other than one similar to the Game 2 blowout. Chicago, though, had other plans. The Bulls weathered the early Heat storm, and took complete control of the game. The Bulls led by as many as 11 in the second half, but a resurgent effort from Dwyane Wade and a much needed spark from the bench helped the Heat overcome the late deficit. Miami outscored Chicago 25-14 in the fourth quarter and won the game 94-91, eliminating the Bulls from the playoffs and advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals for the third consecutive season.

The opening minutes of the contest were a testament to the Heat’s focus. Miami made its first seven shots from the field, and first six free throws attempts, en route to an 18 point lead, 22-4. Chicago, whose players have a penchant for screaming and clapping, refused to go quietly. The Bulls answered the Heat’s opening salvo with a 34-14 spurt of their own. Midway through the second quarter, Chicago had tied the game, and Jimmy Butler’s three-pointer with 4:46 left in the period, gave Chicago its first led, 38-36. Nate Robinson’s three-pointer with less than one second remaining in the period gave the Bulls a 53-47 at the half.

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4 thoughts on “Heat Survive Game 5, Advance to Conference Finals

  1. Bulls really had a chance to win that game and have really shown that the Heat are beatable. Will anyone beat them? I’m not sure. I’ve said all season the team I think most likely to beat them is the Pacers. Long and athletic and a good defensive and rebounding team I think if they play their A game they have a chance against Miami. If they don’t succeed then perhaps Memphis with a similar style to Indiana can at least make it interesting in the Finals. Going to be an intriguing rest of the post season and I think it will be less of a cake walk for Miami than many thought.


    • I agree with you about last night’s game, and when the Heat play down to their opponents, which happened too often this season, they are absolutely beatable. The problem with Chicago is they didn’t have enough offense with their missing players. Thibodeau waited too long to insert Hamilton. It think the Pacers will have a similar issue against the Heat. Believe it or not, I think the Knicks are better suited to beat the Heat than the Pacers. Without Danny Granger, I don’t think Indiana has enough offensively. Memphis also lacks perimeter scoring, so it’ll be an issue for them, too. The Heat are great defensively and offensively. It won’t be a cake-walk, by any stretch, but when they impose their will, there isn’t a team that can beat them. It’s just a question of if they play down to their opponent or not.


      • Ya as they had a pretty poor record during the season against the other top teams in the NBA. Wade has been hurt and that has somewhat hurt their offfense but their defense has really been what won them the series against Chicago. If it becomes another defensive type series against Indiana I think they have a decent shot at making it go six or seven and it could get interesting. All really playing Devils Advocate because we both know that Miami is the best team in basketball. If Miami doesn’t show up and the Pacers or Memphis bring their A game it could at least get interesting. How much would Stern and the NBA hate it if it’s Memphis and Indiana in the Finals. GO SMALL MARKET TEAMS!


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