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Legends of Windemere

Hero Cover FinalWhile I wait for the Kindle and Paperback versions to finish review, I’ve found that the book is now for sale for .99 cents on Smashwords.  This site has various formats for non-Kindle users, but I do see something for Kindle apps.  I have the site connected to the Nook/Smashwords link on the Legends of Windemere store.

Here is the direct link:

So, enjoy the book, spread the word, and I’ll make another release post when the other versions come out.


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      • Thanks. It’s actually ‘live’ in Amazon Kindle, but the page for selling it isn’t completed. It’s still missing a few pieces that are slowly appearing. This just isn’t funny at this point. No pricing section or any way to buy it, but it’s sitting right there. Like buying a lobster to eat, but there’s no way to get it out of the tank.


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