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The top ten list of writers myths

1.Writers are mysterious creatures who climb the stairs to hidden attics at midnight and bang out their magnum opuses on old Remington typewriters.

2. Writers are creative geniuses who wait for the muse to come to them every day before they can begin writing.

3. Writers are all alcoholics or drug addicts.

4. Writers are crazy.

5. Writers suffer for their art, sacrificing family, boyfriends and girlfriends, even jobs in pursuit of their book.

6. Writers are penniless, miserable people who live in one-room, cold flat dwellings.

7. Writers are highly intelligent, Ivy-League educated people who scorned all that book-learning to become authors.

8. Writers have been through countless marriages or love affairs.

9. Writers must lead interesting, colorful lives of adventure, even danger, before even thinking about starting a book.

10. Writers are not like you and me and only the chosen…

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