My Thoughts on Mazzara’s leaving The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadThe Mayan doomsday prediction had my mind on another apocalypse, The Walking Dead. While I have never been much of a fan of the horror genre, or zombies in particular, I found myself surprised when I was so captivated by this show. While season one was a tour de force, I thought season two waned horribly. There were several moments when I thought I’d abandon Rick and his gang to the walker herds, but then season three rolled around and new showrunner Glen Mazzara took over.

Mazzara took a rudderless, drifting show, and put it right back on its bleak, gritty course. His creative direction upped the ante on intensity, gore, and moral dilemma. Tension grew with every scene, and the characters were developed in action, rather than drowning in the forced dialogue and long stares of season two.

But then, with today’s announcement of Mazzara’s departure from the show as a result of irreconcilable creative differences with AMC, perhaps it was the figurative end of the world for some fans. It makes you wonder what those differing ideas about the show’s direction are, and why AMC couldn’t make it work–especially when it’s clear Mazzara now only rescued the show but pushed it to heights not seen from basic cable programs. The network seems to have a track record of this, after pushing out former Dead executive producer Frank Darabont, and having issues with its other flagship show, Breaking Bad.

For more of my thoughts on Mazzara and some of my take on season three of The Walking Dead, check out my article for here.

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