Another Step in the Right Direction

Tuesday night I got to say the following to my wife: “I have to watch the game.” While that is something I’ve said in the past, for the first time, it was an actual statement, rather than a veiled suggestion. She brushed off the comment initially, as she is wont to do, but after a moment of consideration, she said: “Why? For your job?”

I don’t believe my face, as presently constructed, could have produced a wider smile.

See, earlier that day I landed a gig writing for a sports news and opinion website called I’ve spent months searching for a new outlet for my writing, and this site provides a new platform for me. As a life-long sports fan, the gig is a perfect fit. 

My primary responsibility will be to cover the University of Miami, both the football and basketball teams, but I’ll also contribute to the site’s Miami Heat coverage. My first article was published on yesterday, November 22nd, and it was my recap on the Miami Heat’s previous night’s contest against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The article was a pretty straight forward take on what happened during the game, and it effort the Miami Heat showed will hopefully mirror my efforts in writing. They started with some early success, as I have, then hit a lull and struggled to regain control of the game. I feel my writing career has struck a similar lull, but I’m fighting back to try and reestablish my path. It took the Heat the overtime period to secure the win, and I’m ready to put in the extra work so that I can call myself a successful writer as well. You can check out the article here.

The timing of the opportunity couldn’t have been more appropriate, as I spent much of Thanksgiving sharing my new platform with friends and family, knowing full-well that it’s another blessing in my already blessed life. 

While this blog will present my musing on any number of topics, I’ll link it to my sports writing  work on the site. As I continue to develop my platform and build an audience for my fiction writing, I hope my journalistic efforts will flourish as well. 

Stay tuned here on! It’ll keep you posted on all my work!

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