A New Opportunity

With all the change that has swirled around me lately, writing has seemed to take a backseat. I realize that Writers will be aghast at this admission, perhaps wagging their fingers in my general direction. I know I haven’t followed the “golden rule” (Sit your ass in the chair and write), but dammit, I’ve been busy!

Lately, I’ve found myself trolling the depths of Craigslist and other internet job sites for any bite, hoping to reel in a paid writing gig, and while I’ve replied to quite a few postings, I’ve hooked very little. 

But the latest nibble on the line has me excited. 

I’ve signed on to write, voluntarily (for now, hopefully), for a sports website. The site, outsidetheredzone.com, presents breaking sports news, opinions and analysis with a southeast feel. It covers the pro-sports teams and major college programs from Florida and Georgia. It’s straight sports reporting really, which, for a life-long sports fan, seems like a great gig. 

My hope is that it helps me build my platform, and maybe I’ll make some money down the line. Who knows. This by no means signals an end to my reeling in the fiction leads I’ve casted, it’s just now I’ve got a few more lines in the writing water. At the time of this posting, I have a short story under review to be published by Daily Science Fiction, and my goal of becoming a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America continues to get closer. 

I’ll let everyone know when my first article is up.

Wish me luck! 

One thought on “A New Opportunity

  1. I am and always have been your most devoted fan! As you Mom, I know that you have always been destined for greatness through your gift of writing. At 10 years old, in 4th grade you began your writing career with your journals. I knew at that time that this was and always will be your calling in life. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we have to go with it! However, I am happy to see that you are not giving up on your dream! I hope and pray that this new journey will present you with the opportunity to share this wonderful gift with others!


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